LED Light for you - powered by OSRAM

for a sevenfold increase of brightness compared to an 18 Watt bulb

Energie-Effizienzklasse A+
Enlightening // By simple exchange of the conventionally used light bulb with our highly efficient LED light, each loading space will be illuminated as bright as day. Special adapter boards make it usually possible to connect the lamp directly to the existing supply line of the interior lighting.
Two magnetic aluminum holders ensure a fast and non-destructive mounting. With an adhesion force of 17 kg per holder the light is held securely. The holders allow a flexible adjustment of the light cone.
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››OSRAM OS Technology included‹‹
The LED luminaire is equipped with 78 LEDs of the manufacturer OSRAM OS. The color temperature is 5500 Kelvin (daylight color). Further light colors are available.
OSRAM OS Technology included
Stable design
The robust aluminum housing forms with its shock-resistant polycarbonate cover a stable unity. The luminaire sticks out by its remarkably slim design with a diameter of only 12mm.
Stabile Einheit
Technical data
Data for flexiLUM1000 – 5500 Kelvin
Brightness: 1800lm
Nominal output: 18 Watt
Nominal voltage: 12 Volt or 24 Volt
Efficiency category: A+
Dimensions: ca. ø12mm x1000mm
Dimensions magnet holder: ca. 20x20x23mm
Connecting cable lenght: ca. 2,5m
Technische Daten
Sustainable LED product
Adapter board for a fast installation
Being excited in 9 simple steps // Download mounting manual
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